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Quantum Tattoo Removal Clinic is Brisbane’s premier laser tattoo removal clinic located in Hamilton. We solely focus on our passion and speciality – laser tattoo removal. This focus and dedication ensures you’ll receive the best service and results possible.

Quantum Tattoo Removal Clinic is proudly a family owned and operated business. We pride ourselves on our professional, yet personal service.

Our staff are licensed and trained to operate lasers in QLD and have attained dermal and laser safety qualifications. We have also undertaken extensive manufacturer training for our lasers, ensuring we are capable of achieving the best tattoo removal, modification or fading results around.

Our Technology

We’ve invested in lasers from Quanta – a premium Italian manufacturer. We are proud to be the first clinic in Brisbane to use the sophisticated Quanta Q-Plus C Evo laser.

Operating at three different wavelengths, the Quanta allows us to treat all ink colours. Imperative to achieving our high standard results, it contains the rare Ruby (694nm) wavelength, essential in removing otherwise challenging blue and green inks.

We begin some treatments with the use of a fraction laser, which helps break down any scar tissue minimising the likelihood of side effects such as keloid scaring.

For comfort management, we use the Coolio cooling system before, during and after the laser application.The Coolio system extracts the heatfrom the treatment area, as well as eliminating about 90% of procedural discomfort, therefore minimising any localised swelling whilst improving the recovery time.

The combination of these technologies ensures we can provide you with a faster, more comfortable and safer tattoo removal treatment.

Quantum Tattoo Removal Technology
Quantum Tattoo Removal Guaranteed Results

Our Guaranteed Results

We guarantee you will be amazed with the results! After many years of experience, we’re dedicated to providing our clients with the best quality in laser tattoo removal.

Our Free Service For Cancer Survivors

We strive to be a contributing member to our community and proudly offer complimentary radiation tattoo removal to cancer survivors. While these marks in most cases are only the size of a freckle, they can act as a constant reminder of a patient’s previous condition, having a huge negative impact on a survivor’s day-to-day life.

Applied similarly to a ‘real tattoo’, these small radiation therapy alignment tattoos are applied with the ink embedded into the skin. Taking a few minutes per session and usually required as few as one or two treatments, these tattoos can fortunately be completely removed using laser treatment.

Free Service For Cancer Survivors

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