Can tattoos be removed completely?

100% tattoo removal is achievable in many cases. We will advise you on the likely level of tattoo clearance at your free initial consultation.

Can you remove all colours?

In many cases Yes! Darker inks such as Black, Blue and Red respond faster, however other colours can also be effectively targeted with our Ruby wavelength laser.

How many treatments will I need?

Each tattoo is unique and many factors can determine how many treatments will be required. During your initial consultation we will assess your tattoo and determine the maximum amount of treatments in order to achieve your desired result.

If you complete the maximum number of treatments and your tattoo is still visible, we will provide free additional laser tattoo removal treatments of up to one year following your last paid treatment.

How frequently do I need to be treated?

As your body takes time to remove shattered ink particles from the area being treated we highly recommend that you leave at least 8 weeks between each laser treatment.

Are laser tattoo removal treatments painful?

Many people describe the feeling as a rubber band being snapped against the skin. At Quantum tattoo removal clinic we use a state-of-the-art cooling system before, during and after your laser treatment to reduce the temperature of the skin.

Will the treatment leave a scar?

Chances of scarring are minimal however we recommend you follow the aftercare instructions provided to you at your initial consultation.

Can I only have part of my tattoo removed?

Yes! Our lasers are so precise they selectively target ink spots as small as a pin head. We can remove as little or as much of your tattoo as you desire.

Can I get a new tattoo on the same spot after completing treatments?

Yes! We recommend you allow time for the treated area to heal before commencing the application of a new tattoo.

Do you remove scalp micro-pigmentation tattoos?

Yes! We can remove partial or complete micro-pigment tattoos.

Can laser tattoo removal treatments cause Cancer?

No! The lasers used for tattoo removal don’t affect the molecular structure of DNA as they produce what is called non-ionising radiation.

If I have been treated elsewhere previously, can I still have treatments at Quantum Tattoo Removal Clinic?

Yes! Depending on the condition of your tattoo, we may not always be able to offer you a guarantee on the maximum number of treatments.

Why should I choose Quantum Tattoo Removal Clinic for my treatments?

When you choose to partner with Quantum Tattoo Removal Clinic, we will ensure your safety, comfort and results are delivered in a completely private and professional manner.

Tattoo removal is all we do and we pride ourselves on investing in the latest technology, education and training to ensure we provide the highest quality and most advanced treatments around.

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